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    Who else wants a competitive edge?

    Join more than 145,000 players and coaches, from World Series champions to youth levels, who have found playing heads-up baseball helps them overcome the failure, frustration, and fear the game throws at you each day and instead play with confidence, consistency, and composure under pressure. 

    Talent, strength, and great mechanics don't matter if you can't compete in games. Developed by working with elite players and coaches over the past 40 years, the strategies and tools in this audiobook (an "upgrade" to the classic 1994 edition) arm you with the approach you need to find out how good you can be at baseball.

    ©2016 Dr. Ken Ravizza, Dr. Tom Hanson and Hanson House (P)2018 Dr. Ken Ravizza, Dr. Tom Hanson and Hanson House


    "This book teaches the mental skills you need to gain a competitive edge." (Joe Maddon, manager, Chicago Cubs)

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