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    Two guys who hate each other plan a bachelor party...what could go wrong?

    When Mason’s best friend, Drew, announces his engagement, Mason is sincere in his congratulations. Drew is a great guy - and he deserves one hell of a bachelor party to send him off into married life. One problem: Mason’s sharing best man duties with Drew’s other best friend, Liam. Liam, the life of the party. Liam, the jock who bullied Mason throughout high school. Liam...Mason’s secret crush.

    Liam Porter is completely gutted by Drew’s announcement. He’s been in love with Drew ever since he was a kid, and the idea of standing there and smiling while Drew marries some other guy makes him sick to his stomach. So Liam comes up with a plan: He’ll pretend to date Mason. If Drew gets jealous, Liam will fess up and stop the wedding. There’s just one problem...kissing Mason? Feels so much better than it has any right to.

    I Hate to Love You is a stand-alone romance featuring one dangerous stalker ex, two pining idiots, and a happily ever after sure to warm your heart!

    ©2019 Special Fiction Books (P)2019 Special Fiction Books

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