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    More gun-swift action from Amazon Kindle 13-time number one best-selling Western writer Ben Bridges!

    Rancher Clint McNally was looking for someone to deliver $20,000 to the men who’d kidnapped his young son. Whoever took the job had to be as hard as nails, so professional fighting man Carter O’Brien was the natural choice.

    Still, McNally knew better than to trust that kind of money to one man, so he gave O’Brien a partner - a one-eyed, cigar-chewing soldier of fortune called Logan Tyree. There was just one problem; Tyree hated O’Brien’s guts because of something that had happened nine years earlier....

    Right from the start O’Brien had his doubts about the job, but this time even he couldn’t guess what lay ahead for them. There were men willing to risk everything for a share of that money, and with the promise of more where that came from, he and Tyree were soon following a trail of cross and double-cross all the way to the hellish swamps of the Big Thicket....

    ©1987, 2020 David Whitehead (P)2021 David Whitehead

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