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    "Hamlet and Piglet", by Rolf Heimann: Piglet is a kitten from the countryside with the reputation of being able to see ghosts. He is taken to the big city to keep a theatre free of rodents and to solve the mystery of the theatre's ghost, Hamlet.

    "Tom", by Rolf Heimann: When Tom's future foster-father, Mr Clayton, is curious about why they call the boy a little criminal, Tom explains that his misdeeds always start like little acorns that snowball into mighty monsters.

    "Rock Starfish", by Steve Wide and Michelle Mackintosh: Join the young starfish and his kooky friends as they pull out all stops to be the best rock band in the ocean.

    "Stumpy Grumpy Grass Hopper", by Steve Wide and Michelle Mackintosh: Meet Stumpy the grasshopper. He's stumpy, he's grumpy and he's having a really bad day. The other creatures in the garden must cheer him up. But how will they put the spring back in his step?

    ©2002 Rock Starfish Steve Wide 2002, Stumpy Grumpy Grasshopper Steve Wide 2002, Hamlet and Piglet Rolf Heimann 2002, Tom Rolf Heimann 2002 (P)2003 Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd

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