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    Christian Booksellers Association best-selling author Kristen Heitzmann is a Christy Award finalist whose riveting novels deftly combine inspiring messages with spine-tingling suspense.

    Alessi Moore is driving across the country, looking to make a fresh start. When she pulls into the idyllic town of Charity, she is captivated by a halo around the sun. Perhaps Charity is exactly the place she has been searching for. Then her car and all her possessions are stolen, and she must rely on the townspeople to get by. She finds shelter, work, and even a potential love interest named Steve. But in this place where everything seems perfect, the locals harbor a dark and dangerous secret.

    An utterly compelling tale that explores the boundaries of faith, Halos is a fresh and exciting work of inspirational fiction. Katy Kellgren's dynamic narration enlivens each aspect of this multifaceted story.

    ©2004 Kristen Heitzmann (P)2004 Recorded Books, LLC


    "The joy of this novel is in Heitzmann's competent voice, engaging characters and many original touches." (Publishers Weekly)

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