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    10 dramas focusing on women's untold stories from history.

    This diverse, eclectic collection of plays explores an array of social, political and historical events from a female point of view. In these captivating dramas, we see the world through their eyes, giving us a fresh perspective on a female history that is too often unrecorded, misrepresented or misunderstood.

    Featuring a multiplicity of styles and genres, and written by a wide variety of authors, they range from comedy dramas themed around the Bayeux Tapestry and the 1962 Cheltenham Literary Festival, to award-winning, thought-provoking tales of Nigerian teenagers kidnapped by Boko Haram. A contemporary version of the heroines from Greek mythology, Persephone and Demeter; Profumo affair from a female perspective, Britain's last witch (Helen Duncan); a legendary ballerina (Margot Fonteyn); a little sister (Dious, sibling of St Anthony) and a youngest daughter (Judith Shakespeare).  

    Embroidering the Truth

    Queen Edith - Katy Brand

    Bishop Odo - Charlie Anson

    Other cast: Katy Sobey, Lisa Zahra, Jonny Holden, Rosie Cavaliero, Tracy Wiles.

    Written by Abigail Youngman. Produced by Mary Ward-Lowery. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 17th October 2019


    Tisana - Amaka Okafor

    Ruhab - Faith Alabi

    Haleema - Joan Iyiola

    Written by Theresa Ikoko. Directed by Abigail Gonda. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 14th July 2017

    The Bulbul Was Singing

    Laura - Rebecca Humphries

    Ariman - Shaniaz Hama Ali

    Other cast: Paul Hickey, Jonny Holden, Saya Zahawi, Catherine Cusack, Shaun Mason, Debbie Korley, Chris Pavlo

    Written by Judy Upton. Directed by Emma Harding. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 19th August 2019

    Seven Pomegranate Seeds

    Performed by Niamh Cusack, Ruth Bradley and Leah McNamara

    Written by Colin Teevan. Produced and directed by Allegra McIlroy. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 7th January 2020


    Elizabeth Jane Howard - Melody Grove

    John Moore - Tony Gardner

    Kingsley Amis - Jonathan Forbes

    Other cast: Will Howard, Emma Handy, John Lightbody. Written by Sarah Wooley. Directed by Gaynor Macfarlane. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 31st July 2018

    Well, He Would, Wouldn't He?

    Mandy (younger) - Aimee-Ffion Edwards

    Christine Keeler - Lyndsey Marshal

    'Pops' Murray - Stephen Marzella

    Stephen Ward/Peter Rachman - Ewan Bailey

    Other cast: Adrian Schiller, Alex Dower, Anthony Courier. Written by Charlotte Williams. Directed by Kate McAll. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 23rd February 2013

    Tony's Little Sister and the Paradox of Monasticism

    Anthony - Duncan Preston

    Dious - Samantha Spiro

    Satan - Tim McMullan

    Other cast: Ben Crowe, Rachel Bavidge. Written by David and Caroline Stafford. Produced by Marc Beeby. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 6th August 2007

    Judith Shakespeare

    Judith Shakespeare - Amanda Root

    William Shakespeare - Michael Pennington

    Henry, Earl of Southampton - Anton Lesser

    Other cast: Andrew Wincott, Melinda Walker, Thomas Connor, Stephen Critchlow, Ann Beach, Colleen Prendergast, Jillie Meers

    Written by Nan Woodhouse. Directed by Tracey Neale. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 25th April 1996

    An Unchoreographed World

    Margot Fonteyn - Sophie Jerrold

    Constant Lambert - Richard McCabe

    Other cast: Oliver Millingham, Kate Littlewood

    Chorus - Anne-Marie Piazza, Maria Askew, Ffion Jolly, Ben Ashton and Coen de Groot

    Written by Frances Byrne. Produced and directed by Mark Smalley. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 22nd May 2008

    The Last Witch Trial

    Lucy - Indira Varma

    Margo - Lyndsey Marshal

    Other cast: Joanna Monro, Vineeta Rishi Sam Dale, Michael Shelford, Keely Beresford

    Written by Melissa Murray. Directed by Marc Beeby. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 4th June 2010

    ©2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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