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Guided Mindfulness Meditation and Chakra Healing

Includes Scripts Helpful for Beginners Such as Reiki Healing Chakra, Awakening Body, Scan Meditation, Anger Relaxation and Much More!
Sprecher: Christy Lynn
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 57 Min.

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If you want to nurture your emotional health by addressing the worries and anxiety in your life, Guided Mindfulness Meditation and Chakra Healing is the book that you need. Inside this book, you will find:

  • Understand the meaning and benefits of meditation.
  • How to solve the situation using alternative meditation solutions and the various chakra techniques that will help to improve your health
  • How to increase your energy and keep yourself motivated to help you to remain cool, calm and collective in every situation.
  • An overview of the importance of mindfulness and how to practice mindfulness meditation
  • Ways to improve your willpower through the use of meditation and breathing techniques
  • Understand the basic breathing meditation techniques to improve mindfulness.
  • How to achieve your goals through vipassana meditation (insight meditation)
  • The key meditation techniques necessary to enhance the health of your body and relieve stress 
  • And much more.... 

Even if you have never done meditation, you will learn easily how to master these techniques for a better and easier life. Learning the tips to increase your energy and keep yourself motivated through meditation will help you to remain calm in every situation, that may otherwise cause you stress.

At this stage, the type of information you have already is nearly as important as the fact that you’ve made a point to work on your true happiness. The first step is to get serious in getting started, which is a stumbling block for many people simply because they don’t have a deadline for completion. Don’t let yourself get complacent, stop dreaming about stopping stress in your life, and get ready to work.

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