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Her Spirit Guide Angels Were Her Best Friends and Life Coaches
Autor: Linda Deir
Sprecher: Linda Deir, Ray Holley
Spieldauer: 9 Std. und 18 Min.

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Guided: Winner of the 2017 Int'l Body/Mind/Spirit Book Award. 

Front cover spirit photo captured by: Linda Deir in 1994. 

In a dream, "they" said they appeared so "The World Could Believe." 

All the key characters and lessons of the Disney fable Cinderella are represented in Guided. Confronting bullies on every front, beginning with her family, orchestrated by her bully mother. 

Guided is a riveting testament of survival in the face of insurmountable odds where a woman achieved far more than even she imagined, knowing she was being guided. 

At early childhood, Linda Deir experienced something most of us miss - she realized she was being guided. Now, after a lifetime of being guided, she shares what she has learned and how she learned it. 

A survivor of child abuse, at 20 months old, baby Linda knew her life was in danger. Unloved, abused, and out of options, she ran away from home. Two policemen found her miles from home, barefoot and in diapers, running down the median of a busy California expressway. When the police brought her back home and were assured she was safe, her mother beat her unconscious. Waking up unable to walk, she found herself right back in the hell she tried to escape. 

Completely out of options, she cried out loud for help. To her surprise, her spirit guide angels appeared all around her! She felt loved and safe for the first time in her life. 

Their prophecy: "Life will get better for you as you get older, if you can make it through childhood." 

Her challenging childhood would become the foundation fulfilling the rest of their prophecy - "Life will get better for you as you get older." All possible from a higher way of learning influenced by her spirit guides and angels. 

Guided is a suspenseful, true story - an intriguing and thought-provoking spiritual journey that makes the paranormal seem normal and the impossible possible. 

Guided awakens you, so your guides can reach you.

My Guided Journey is the companion "journal" to Guided, available on Amazon.

©2014 Linda Deir (P)2015 Linda Deir

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