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    Warriors, avalanches, merciless fights, and now...a painted skull.  

    Rendezvous: Willow Valley, July 1831 - Zach Connors and his family are finally safe and among friends. He can let his wounded leg heal. All the trappers and mountain men anxiously await the supply train from St. Louis. 

    It had been a perilous spring and summer for Zach, his family, and friends. Known as "Grizzly Killer" throughout the wilderness, he and the others had fought a battle against Gros Ventre warriors and nearly lost a close friend in an avalanche. 

    Here at Rendezvous, he can feel safe among several hundred trappers and friendly Indians. Getting here had meant another fight, this time with the always dangerous Blackfeet. But what Zach didn’t know was that the worst danger of all awaited them at home - a painted skull.  

    Named as the best mountain man series by True West magazine, author Lane R. Warenski delivers the seventh book in the action-packed saga!

    ©2019 Lane R Warenski (P)2019 Wolfpack Publishing

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