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    Teach your kids to develop grit, that combination of passion, purpose, and perseverance that has been identified as a key to success! 

    Second edition: Contains new chapters explaining grit, why you should develop it, questions to ask your kids, additional resources, and much more....

    “Our potential is one thing. What we do with it is quite another.” (Angela Duckworth, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

    Everyone has heard of grit. It’s that unique combination of passion and perseverance that has been identified as a key to success. But while much has been written on how to develop these attributes for adults, there hasn’t been much practical advice on how to develop grit in children. 

    Your kids are the most important people in your lives. In this increasingly competitive and confusing world they need you to help them be their best. They need you to guide them in developing traits for success and happiness. 

    Grit for Kids will teach you how to help your child to develop their own grit in just 16 easy-to-follow chapters. Each one contains real stories of real kids facing common situations, proven steps to take in these situations, and the outcomes after the steps were taken. 

    Your son or daughter will confidently be able to: 

    • Develop - discover what they’re really interested in pursuing; belief in their skills; ability to overcome negativity; desire to learn more about everything; ability to bounce back after a setback; capability to defend their beliefs and opinions. 
    • Manage - ability to recognize and control emotional outbursts; recognize small vs. big problems and keep them in perspective; recognize their unique strengths and weaknesses; be appreciative of differences in people; learn to right the wrongs they may have caused to others. 
    • Plan - define goals related to their passion; break the goals into small achievable tasks; follow the process of completing tasks; set milestones for achieving a goal; celebrate when a milestone is reached; apply lessons learned from a setback; persevere in achieving goals. 
    • Grow - achieve conviction in their beliefs; learn to apply ethical and moral behavior; cultivate a desire for a deeper understanding of issues; acquire healthy habits for their body and mind. 

    What you will be able to do: 

    • Inspire your kids to discover what they’re passionate about
    • Teach methods to manage their emotions
    • Show how to downplay negativity and increase optimism
    • Explain steps to teach respect for themselves and others
    • Impart ways to help them develop goals consistent with their passions
    • Demonstrate methods for planning to achieve their goals
    • Explain how to teach them to stay the course
    • Prepare them for setbacks or negative outcomes
    • Teach how to learn from their mistakes and apply these lessons
    • Reveal techniques to improve their decision making
    • Apply methods to keep them at optimal health
    • Model yourself as an example in perseverance and resilience
    ©2020 Lee D. Grinberg (P)2020 Lee D. Grinberg

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