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Grim Rising

Aisling Grimlock, Book 7
Autor: Amanda M. Lee
Sprecher: Karen Krause
Serie: Aisling Grimlock, Titel 7
Spieldauer: 9 Std. und 47 Min.

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Aisling Grimlock should be happy.

She’s living with and engaged to the man of her dreams, her mother isn’t eating least out in the open, her best friend is distracted by wedding details...mostly, and there are zombies running around Detroit.

Yeah, it’s that last one that’s driving her crazy...especially because no one in her family believes her when she spouts the tall tale.

Aisling Grimlock is a reaper in trouble. She’s got big decisions in front of her and nonstop trouble chasing behind. The dead appear to be rising...and they’ve got their eyes (and teeth, for that matter) trained on Aisling and her family.

Even though the rest of the family thinks she’s exaggerating - or even lying because she’s looking for attention - they’re determined to help before Aisling goes over the edge. It seems there might be a little something going on, and Aisling might have been right all along.

You know what that means, right? Yes, she’s doing her "I’m right" dance...and then ducking for cover.It’s going to take every Grimlock to fight this enemy, and even then, Aisling will be isolated in the end. The question is: Can she win the day or is she destined to join the creatures stalking her?

©2017 Amanda M. Lee (P)2018 Amanda M. Lee

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