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    In the near future, a shadowy organization runs a secret competition with the power to control the fate and fortune of millions.

    Things have gone awry in the tournament. A killer is on the loose among the players. The world is waking up to what the tournament really is, and what was once a secret competition is fast becoming a global obsession. But no winner can be declared until the mystery of what happened to one of the world's most powerful teams is solved.

    Meanwhile, three new players are chosen to rebuild the fallen team, but they are young and inexperienced, and instantly targeted. Their survival is dependent upon their existence remaining a secret. But in the tournament, secrets are now very hard to keep.

    New alliances are formed, old enemies are confronted, and the truth is finally revealed in Grey Winter, the second installment of the number one best-selling Tournament series.

    ©2021 Griffith Publishing (P)2021 Griffith Publishing

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