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    Crooked politicians, corrupt businessmen, gangland racketeers - they're all fair game for the masked man with the gas gun! Join Britt Reid, daring young publisher, and his faithful valet, Kato, as they crusade against crime in 20 thrilling episodes of The Green Hornet! They can always count on secretary Lenore Case and ex-cop turned reporter Michael Axford, who've got their ears to the ground and their eyes open. When powerful people prey on the vulnerable, Britt uses the press (and a little pressure) to balance the scales of justice!

    Episodes include: Death Comes to Dinner 01-05-47; The Woman and Oliver Perry 01-12-47; The Rodin Statue 01-19-47; A Shot in the Arm 02-09-47; The State's Witness 02-16-47; The Findley Case 03-02-47; The Big Deal 03-11-47; Chickens Come Home to Roost 03-18-47; Rent in Advance 03-25-47; Political Strings 04-01-47; Stolen Identity 04-08-47; The Last of the Top Hat Gang 04-15-47; Cut Rate Crime 05-06-47; Camera Obscure 05-13-47; Merger Not Preferred 05-20-47; Cornered Steel 06-03-47; Fodder for Headlines 06-10-47; The Big Mouthpiece 06-17-47; Of Thee I Sing 06-24-47; Almost Used Cars 07-08-47.

    ©2016 The Green Hornet, Inc. Licensed for home use only. All rights reserved. (P)2016 RSPT, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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