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Gray Panthers Invasion

Sprecher: Talon Beeson
Spieldauer: 9 Std. und 26 Min.

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The Gray Panthers saga continues when the Nyeusi, a previously unknown species begin a campaign to conquer the galaxy. The invaders have the Libra Alliance on the ropes barely holding onto the last stronghold of the Libra Alliance. The commander of the Gray Panthers, Dan Daniels must decide if he’ll commit to going to war to save an old enemy or wait and see if the war comes to him. Can old enemies put aside their hatred and distrust to fight alongside each other? Will the League of Planets and the citizens of Dixie come to the rescue of their enemy, trusting the Gray Panthers judgment? Can Short Blade deliver the primitive warriors from a backwards pre-industrial world in time to make the difference between victory and defeat?

©2017 David Guenther (P)2017 David Guenther


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