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    Sometimes in life, God has to break you to humble you and bring you to a place where you can hear and follow Him. When He does this, it is not to destroy or hurt you; but He does it with grace to position and promote you into His purpose for you.

    This process of breaking forces us to confront issues about ourselves that we would rather avoid. And it can be hard on our flesh and touch every aspect of our lives. However, just like the clay in the hands of a potter, the final product is a beautiful life perfectly suited for God’s purpose.

    In this book, you will find insights that will guide you through whatever spiritual struggle that you are facing in your life. You will find the truth that can help you understand the difficulties of your past, as well as discover strength and direction for the future.

    Gracefully Broken is a roadmap to fulfillment, happiness, and destiny for any child of God experiencing a time of inexplicable spiritual struggles. It is for people who can sense that God is working in their lives, but do not understand what He is trying to do.

    ©2017 Yolanda Washington-Cowan (P)2018 Yolanda Washington-Cowan

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