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    Zaina Farid and Sword of Allah have obtained a vial of anthrax, and have left the container in front of Mossad Headquarters. 

    Their message is clear: You are not safe. 

    If the operatives of The Box are going to stop her, they'll need help from the last person they would expect: the turncoat Israeli agent Nadir Fox. To stay a step ahead of SOA, Jacob Mitzak will have to break into Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and extract Nadir. 

    Meanwhile, a vial of anthrax is only as good as the dispersal system, and few nations have one powerful enough to cover downtown Tel Aviv. The Soviets have been quietly supporting SOA and other Islamic militants, but they're about to turn up the volume. Two operatives from the Soviet KGB's Directorate S are heading for Israel with a special delivery for Zaina Farid. 

    Will Hessler thought he'd been given the short end of the stick when he and Ariel Sutcliffe were tasked with tracking down these illegals, but he's about to find out that there is more at stake than he ever imagined.

    ©2019 Jordan Vezina (P)2019 Jordan Vezina

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