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    Building on the themes in his popular book When God Winks, SQuire Rushnell shares real-life stories that are certain to uplift and encourage you.

    The stories in this book reaffirm that godwinks happen to everyone. We just need to learn how to see them, allow them to unfold, and accept them as direct, person-to-person communications from God to each of us.

    As you'll see, those so-called coincidences that you'd been dismissing so easily really do mean something. And you need to pay attention. They are like unopened gifts that have been placed upon your doorstep.

    You will be amazed to hear how every joy, every hurt, and every worry that happens to you has already been written about in the Bible. Godwink Stories simply draws upon the parallel between the stories of real people and God's wisdom in the scriptures.

    Godwink Stories can be listened to in various ways. You can hear the book from start to finish. Or follow along each week for a year. It's also perfect to listen for a pick-me-up story that fits your need of the day.

    Whether you're looking for encouragement in a time of need or a story that speaks of joy, there's a godwink story just for you.

    Godwink Stories offers weekly tales of godwinks and miracles to encourage and inspire you in every situation. These true stories - from ordinary people - provide:

    • Messages of "don't give up"
    • Heartfelt need for love and guidance
    • Hope in the midst of medical crises
    • "Just in time" moments
    • Peace in times of sorrow
    • Tender love stories
    • Amazing answers to prayer
    ©2012 SQuire Rushnell (P)2015 Audible, Inc.

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