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Glen & Tyler's Scottish Troubles

Autor: JB Sanders
Sprecher: Brian Rollins
Serie: Glen & Tyler Adventures, Titel 2
Spieldauer: 9 Std. und 4 Min.
Kategorien: LGBT, Krimis & Thriller

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In the second installment of the Glen & Tyler series, the guys find out what happens when you inherit a Scottish castle, tussle with international crime gangs and host formal balls. Yes, balls - with dancing and everything!

In typical Hardy Boys - er, Glen & Tyler fashion, there are secret passages, irascible old men, caves, missing treasure, fine liquor and kilts. Ok, the kilts thing is new - but believe me, you'll like 'em. Although there isn't much hockey this time around, there is shinty. There's also some romantic anniversary thing, but really, stay for the shinty.

For those readers unfamiliar with the ancient sport of shinty, think hockey played on a field, without protective gear and with a solid rugby sensibility. Or a riot with sticks and a score keeper.

©2012 John B Sanders Jr (P)2013 John B Sanders Jr

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