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    What do you see when life catches you by surprise?

    Life catches all of us off guard. When it does, do you see discouragement or hope? Grief or gratitude? Heavy stones or precious stones?

    Glass Heads and Hope Stones is an audiobook about finding hope in the backdrop of surprises.

    In Suzanne Bailey's memoir, a glass head represents human transparency and fragility, while stones are symbolic of hope and strength. We all encounter heavy stones, beautiful stones, stones that hurt when they fall, and stones that need to be discarded. Through poignant stories of her family, friendships, mentors, and career, Suzanne inspires us to step across the heavy stones with courage and keep the stones representing hope and gratitude.

    You may see yourself in the spaces between the lines of the stories in this audiobook, as we all experience surprises, both wanted and unwanted. Suzanne shares her perceptions on how to:

    • Watch for serendipities
    • Build strong relationships with family and friends
    • Listen to wise mentors
    • Take a deep breath
    • Practice gratitude
    • Keep a spirit of hope

    To be caught by surprise certainly describes 2020 as we have all been touched in some way by coronavirus disease. Glass Heads and Hope Stones reflects the human experience and offers insights into how a life of listening, hoping, and loving builds an unshakeable foundation for surviving times such as these and living life well.

    ©2020 Suzanne Lynne Bailey (P)2021 Suzanne Lynne Bailey

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