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Giving Voice to the Silent Pulpit

A Layman Explores the Differences between Popular and Academic Christianity
Sprecher: Jimmy Nelson
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 16 Min.

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Synopsis: Having narrowly escaped execution at the hands of a madman - true personal experience - author Barry E. Blood Sr. found himself beset with several troublesome questions:

"If God had something else in mind for me, does that mean he had nothing else in mind for those three young men who died just six feet from me, all of whom had a wife and small children?"

"If there was a guardian angel on my shoulder that day, why was there no guardian angel on their shoulders as well?"

"Who was really in charge that day?"

"Was it the God I had been taught to worship and pray to, or was it the man with the gun?"

Answers to these questions did not come easy, but after years of intense study, Blood has discovered a more mature understanding of Christianity. One that has existed, almost undetected by the laity of the church, for the past two hundred and fifty years. One that answers many of the puzzling questions that he and most Christians silently grapple with during life's trying times.

With this audiobook, Blood hopes to share his discoveries with other Christians who search for a deeper, more mature and intellectually honest, understanding of God and Christianity in the 21st century.

©2011 Barry E Blood Sr. (P)2014 Barry E Blood Sr.

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