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    Girl With a Wineglass international best-selling author Bella James. A YA contemporary novel.

    "I am made of a thousand ghosts, and not one of you can shoot me down”.

    The sequel to Bella James’ The Girl Who Cried Wolf, invites you to return to the story of Anna Winters, a young woman facing a portentous struggle through depression, disordered eating, and dependency. Terrified of emanating her violent father, Anna turns her back on all that has become most precious to her. She journeys the deep labyrinth of her soul, relentlessly shadowed by a black wolf. He is her deepest fears, the darkness within her, and the only one who can set her free. Anna returns to her past and makes sense of the nightmare she created, to recognise of darkness and light, there is beauty in both. As she refuses to relinquish her power to addiction, a frightened girl begins to create new pathways, from being a lost and defenseless teenager to discovering the strength that lies within womanhood. A young heart can be broken, a fractured soul can be mended...But can you ever be ready for the fight of your life?

    ©2018 Crazy Ink (P)2020 Crazy Ink

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