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    This children’s fiction storybook transports you into a fairy tale world of adventure and fantasy with Hailey and her love for gingerbread cookies.

    Like all children of her age, Hailey has a love for sweet things, and in this case, she loved gingerbread cookies, but her love for gingerbread cookies was so intense that she grew selfish and almost cost her a friend and landed her in some trouble.

    Her love for Gingerbread cookies leads her to go on an unexpected and unplanned adventure to the Gingerbread Hills, where the huge gingerbread man lives, where she meets Bin and learns a valuable life lesson that changed her relationship with her friend, her love for cookies, and life forever.

    How would Hailey get out of this situation? Would she change after her experience? What happens to her relationship with her friend?

    Find out in this beautiful and short children’s book that teaches children about the importance of giving and avoiding selfishness and its consequences.

    Hailey’s Gingerbread visit appeals to children of all ages. Its simple language and colorful description plus this short story focus on universal positive themes of friendship, empathy, and the power of being selfless.

    Children will love this short fantasy novel as it contains characters they can relate with.

    ©2020 Oscar Ugboh (P)2020 Oscar Ugboh

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