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    All five series of the award-winning BBC Radio 4 comedy - plus World Cup, Glastonbury and Brexit Specials.

    Meet Budleigh Salterton's most famous son, Giles Wemmbley Hogg: bumbling backpacker, fearless investigator of cultural diversity, connoisseur of Eastern philosophies and upper middle-class student ponce. In these five series, armed with his trusty portable DAT and his Charterhouse rugby shirt, Giles bravely ventures forth to far-off foreign lands and records his adventures.

    His meanderings take him from the Sudan to Las Vegas - but wherever he goes, he always manages to make a thumping great prat of himself. His escapades include toppling the Terracotta Army in China; unleashing a deadly pharaoh's curse in Egypt, bankrupting a Japanese financial institution; organising an Agatha Christie-style septuagenarian hen night on the Orient Express and serving up a full-scale biohazard lockdown in Yumsk. Grounded by the Home Office and his father, he sets up a travel advice/events management website from his bedroom, proudly named GWH Travvel ('two m's, two g's, two v's: bit of a mix up at the printers'). And when an American mogul tries to buy up his beloved town, Giles decides to run for mayor....

    Also included are five special episodes featuring the intrepid traveller and worldly guru. In the three-part World-Cup-themed Giles Wemmbley Hogg Geht Zum Fussballweltmeisterschaft Weg!, he heads to Germany to report on the famous football competition - and finds himself embroiled in a series of baffling adventures and mishaps. In...To Glastonbury, he blunders muddily around the festival, accompanied by his ever-unhelpful fiancée, Bella, and a ragtag assortment of hippies; and in...Article 50, he vows to heal the rift between Brexiteers and Remoaners once and for all by ruddy well sorting out Brexit.

    Written by Marcus Brigstocke, Jeremy Salsby and Toby Davies, and starring Marcus Brigstocke as Giles and Doon Mackichan and Catherine Tate as Arabella, this hilarious spoof travelogue features a wealth of guest stars including Tom Goodman-Hill, Dave Lamb, Rebecca Front, Neil Dudgeon, Olivia Colman, David Mitchell, Celia Imrie, Alison Steadman, Morwenna Banks, Mitch Benn, Laura Solon, Miranda Hart, Raad Rawi, Alexander Armstrong, Richard Dillane, and Sandi Toksvig.

    Production credits:

    Conceived by Marcus Brigstocke and Jeremy Salsby.

    Written by Marcus Brigstocke, Jeremy Salsby and Toby Davies.

    Additional material by Graeme Garden.

    Produced by David Tyler.

    A Pozzitive production for BBC Radio 4. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 16th July-20th August 2002 (Series 1), 15th October-19th November 2003 (Series 2), 25th January-1st March 2005 (Series 3), 18th June-2nd July 2006 (Giles Wemmbley Hogg Geht Zum Fussballweltmeisterschaft Weg!), 26th June 2007 (...To Glastonbury), 14th December 2009-4th January 2010 (Series 4), 28th November-19th December 2011 (Series 5), 28th March 2019 (...Article 50).

    List of content:

    • Series 1
    • Series 2
    • Series 3
    • Giles Wemmbley Hogg Geht Zum Fussballweltmeisterschaft Weg!
    • To Glastonbury - special episode
    • Series 4
    • Series 5
    • Article 50 - special Brexit episode


    Giles - Marcus Brigstocke

    Arabella - Doon Mackichan/Catherine Tate

    Puffy Lympstone-Gough - Tom Goodman-Hill

    Charlotte Wemmbley Hogg - Catherine Shepherd

    Mr Timmis - Adrian Scarborough/Vincent Franklin 

    ©2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd


    "Not since I first heard Alan [Partridge] have I felt so sure that I was in the presence of an immortal." (Sunday Telegraph)

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