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    Halloween is right around the corner and Harper Harlow should be at her happiest. She's officially moving in with her boyfriend Jared Monroe, after all, and into a house that's right across the street so she won't be separated from her best friend.  

    All should be well - and it is - until one of Harper's customers stumbles across a dead body in the cemetery during a tour one night.  

    The woman, a local who worked at the bank, was last seen at a rather infamous party and her movements before and after that are murky. She has ties to a lot of people, and not all of them are upstanding citizens.  

    Even though she's tired due to the busy season, Harper is determined to get answers. Jared would prefer her taking a break from her investigative activities but turning her back on a soul in need isn't in Harper's nature. She's determined to find the truth and Jared promises to keep her safe while she does it.  

    Whisper Cove is hopping place right now and suspects are around every corner. Harper will have to dig deep if she wants answers … and constantly look over her shoulder to make sure death hasn't picked out another customer.  

    When the truth comes out, Harper will learn a hard lesson about life and death. Not everything is as it appears, you see, and sometimes a sad truth is worse than a convenient lie.

    ©2018 Lily Harper Hart (P)2018 Lily Harper Hart

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