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Harper Harlow can see ghosts, and she's not ashamed of to admit it. As co-owner of Ghost Hunters, Inc., she's comfortable in her own skin and happy to help ghosts move to the other side for a living. When Jared Monroe moves to town and starts work for the local police department, he's drawn to Harper - even though he doesn't believe in ghosts. This duo can't stay away from each other, but trust is earned and not given. When murder comes to town, they'll have to work together if they want to solve the crime and maybe find a little romance in the process.

Maddie Graves is psychic and can see ghosts. When she returns to her home in Blackstone Bay following her mother's death, she has more to do than find peace with her past, she also has to try and reclaim the future she discarded when she left town after graduation. Her former best friend Nick Winters has been bitter since she walked away without a backward glance. A murder mystery throws them back together, and Maddie must decide if she can trust Nick with her biggest secret - and her heart.

Ivy Morgan is a witch. Well, kind of. She believes in the power of nature, but she's also standoffish because she's used to people judging her because of the way she looks. Jack Harker is a police detective haunted by a devastating past. When he moves to Shadow Lake, he makes it clear he wants nothing but work and privacy. Ivy and Jack are on a crash course for ...something. They just have to solve a murder - and come to accept each other - before they can come to a meeting of the minds, and possibly hearts.

This sampler includes Ghostly Interests, Grave Homecoming, and Wicked Days.

©2016 Lily Harper Hart (P)2016 Lily Harper Hart


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