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    Breaking up with your significant other is never easy, especially if you've been together for a while. Aside from dealing with the pain, which in itself takes a lot of time and effort, you'll need to reprogram your life so you can move on. The separation becomes even more devastating if you truly believe that he is the one you are meant to be with. In this case, you don't only have to pick up the pieces of your broken heart and try to live life without him; you also have to figure out a way to get him back. 

    This audiobook has all the information you need as you try to reconcile with your former significant other. The first chapters will help you understand why breakups happen, and guide you towards making the right decision of whether or not you should attempt a reconciliation. Now this may seem unnecessary - after all, you chose this book which is about getting back with your ex - but it's not. Breakups happen for a reason, and sometimes, that is to set a person free from a relationship that is not healthy for her, even if she can't see it yet. 

    What you will learn in this guide: 

    • Understanding what happened 
    • Getting your ex back: to do or not to do? 
    • Consider these first before trying to get him back 
    • Get your ex back by getting yourself back 
    • How to reach out to your ex?
    • The struggles of a second-chance relationship
    ©2016, 2017 Erik Smith (P)2018 Erik Smith

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