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    In Gateway to my Miracle, April details the process that Holy Spirit walked her through in receiving a miracle breakthrough. From personal experiences to debilitating fibromyalgia, she shares the revelation process of discovering and encountering a good God. This is the story of how God changed one woman from the inside out, and transformed her life physically and emotionally. This book is a testimony of Jesus Christ, the healer. Her story will give you the keys to unlock the gateway to your own miracle.

    ©2018 April Stutzman (P)2020 April Stutzman


    "April’s book, Gateway to My Miracle, is a very transparent testimony of her upbringing. She shares how the Lord brought her through, even though she had no idea it was Him at that time. This story will inspire others to 'not give up' but to believe God’s Word that we can look to Him to use our past to shape us & prepare us for His Call & Destiny on our lives. You will gain helpful 'tools for life' as you read April’s story. Be Blessed & empowered." (Constance J Bounds, God’s Eagles Ministry)

    "In this book, April talks about her journey of healing, both inner healing and miraculous healing from fibromyalgia. A few quotes from the book that resonated with me. 'I needed inner healing and deliverance. Why was this not being talked about and taught?' 'There was a wound in my soul, and deliverance was needed. Oh, how I wish the church would talk about this stuff and allow the Holy Spirit to make people whole.' 'A person can only love at the level their heart has received healing and love from God.' And then when God healed her from fibromyalgia, she heard God say: 'If I can heal the nations, what kind of God would I be if I didn't heal you?'" (Joanna M. Russell) 

    "Gateway to My Miracle is April Stutzman's powerful testimony of Christ's redeeming love and miraculous power! As you read, April walks you through her own personal journey into healing and freedom. Her words ordained by Heaven and revelation from the Father will help set you free from the lies of the enemy, past trauma, and physical pain. If you are in need of keys for breakthroughs in your own life, then this is the book for you. As April shares her own emotional wounds of the past and infirmity, it will open your eyes and awaken your heart to the deep and hidden things in your own soul that Jesus wants to heal and deliver you from. This book had me searching my own heart as I read it. Get ready to unlock the gateway to the Miracle you have been praying for!" (Teryn Yancey, cofounder of Glory Culture International)

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