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The New Science of Eating
Sprecher: John Sackville
Spieldauer: 10 Std. und 14 Min.

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Why do we consume 35 percent more food when eating with one more person and 75 percent more when with three? Why are 27 percent of drinks bought on aeroplanes tomato juice? How are chefs and companies planning to transform our dining experiences, and what can we learn from their cutting-edge insights to make memorable meals at home?

These are just some of the ingredients of Gastrophysics, in which pioneering Oxford professor Charles Spence shows how our senses link up in the most extraordinary ways and reveals the importance of all the off-the-plate elements of a meal: the weight of cutlery, the placing on the plate, the background music and much more. Whether dining alone or at a dinner party, on a plane or in front of the TV, he reveals how to understand what we're tasting and influence what others experience. Mealtimes will genuinely never be the same again.

©2017 Charles Spence (P)2017 Penguin Books Ltd.

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