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    Enjoy these original, full-cast tales of terror set in the frigid Northland, including:

    • The Demon: Four people are trapped in a church basement. Outside, a somehow strange, almost supernatural thunderstorm rages. There is no phone service, there is no sign of human life outside. And when they try to leave the church they are greeted with strange, other-worldly fog filled with terrifying visions. Their only choice is to remain inside, and face what each of them have become. But how long before the creature outside decides to come in?
    • The Woods: Steven and Dawn awake in their car on a lonely country road, having stopped to take a rest in the middle of a long journey. Except nothing seems quite right. The radio is dead. The road seems devoid of houses and farms. Then, even though their phones indicate there is no service, Dawn's cell rings and a woman screams for help. Will Steven and Dawn keep driving? Stop to help? Will they ever make it out of... The Woods?
    • The Monster in the Ashes: Andy is returning to his home town for a funeral. There's little sorrow, however, as the dead man was an infamous pedophile, and Andy one of his victims 20 years earlier. But to achieve final closure, Andy drives into the woods to the cabin where the deeds were done. He intends to burn it to the ground. What he finds there defies all logic and will push him to the very limit of sanity.
    • And more.
    ©2013 Icebox Radio Theater (P)2013 Icebox Radio Theater

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