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    Tillie Montero doesn't want spinsterhood. In fact, she used to be happily married...or so she thought. Now divorced because her ex-husband couldn't abide the thought of a barren wife, she's resigned herself to a quiet existence. It isn't until she sees an ad for a mail-order bride that she begins dreaming of starting a new life again.

    Daniel Howell came about his daughter in a non-traditional way, and while he's doing a good job raising her, he knows his shy little girl needs a mother's love. When he puts an ad in the paper for a bride, he's clear that his daughter will have to approve of his bride before they can get married. As soon as he lays eyes on Tillie, he hopes she'll get his daughter's approval, because he's very much in danger of falling in love....

    ©2016 Angela K. West (P)2016 Angela K. West

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