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    While millions of believers around the world are finding their understanding of Christianity to be outdated and untenable, Matthew Distefano has managed to paint the gospel in such a way that even an atheist could appreciate its beauty. Rather than a message of rapture, or rewards and reprisals, Distefano presents the good news of what God has done in history to stem the tide of our own violence and evil - inviting us into a whole new way of living and being in this world. By integrating Rene Girard's "mimetic theory" and Ernest Becker's "death anxiety", Distefano is able to diagnose the root causes of human violence and then offer the life-giving solution in the person of Jesus. Both the struggling evangelical and unbeliever alike can take refuge here, finding in this gospel the thing their soul - and the disintegrating world around them - is thirsting for.

    ©2016 Matthew J. Distefano (P)2017 Matthew J. Distefano

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