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    The dramatic and inspiring true story of a former drug addict called to win the lost and challenge others to do the same....

    Ever heard of someone hitting rock bottom before they finally have a come-to-Jesus moment? Well, Brian will be the first to admit he couldn’t tell you which rock bottom finally did the trick!

    In this riveting account of his personal testimony, he tells the story of how he went from a life in ruins from the consequences of his addictions to sober, clean, and studying for the ministry, as well as inventor of several medical devices already beginning to change countless lives.

    The Lord Jesus is a God of restoration. He has the ability to create something from nothing, which is where Brian's life story goes to and comes back from: the very bottom.

    This book is for people that are or have been bound to drugs and alcohol and can't imagine a way out, or you know someone who has and would be encouraged by this powerful and encouraging story of redemption and radical transformation.

    "I wrote an intentionally short book because I wanted to make it a quick and easy read for as many people as possible. I know many have not gone as far into drugs and alcohol as I have while I also know many have and are currently stuck in their bondage. It’s my prayer this book can be placed in their hands as an encouragement and a lifeline. If God can do it for me, he can do it for you as well!" (Brian Mohika)

    ©2019 Brian Mohika (P)2019 Brian Monika

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