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    You're about to discover crucial information about choosing the correct college fraternity for you. Millions of people have suffered from making ill-informed decisions in college and are still paying for it years later. However, one of the best decisions you can make in your college career is to join the right fraternity.

    It can be overwhelming if you are trying to choose because of all the various options out there. When deciding your own path, you also need to understand the risks and benefits of fraternities and how much commitment is needed as well as how much it will cost . This book goes into the history of fraternities and how they started, how fraternities can enhance your collegiate experience, and the truth about hazing as well as how to find the fraternity that will fit your lifestyle and goals. By investing in this book, you will get some great information if you are looking for some guidance on this topic.

    Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

    • Understanding the history of fraternities
    • Membership requirements and crucial information
    • Advantages and disadvantages of joining
    • Hazing and total costs

    ©2014 Chris Campbell (P)2015 Chris Campbell

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