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    Every town has a ghost legend. But within the borders of Wraith County, all the legends are true. No one knows why the spirits of the dead remain. Did centuries of evil deeds bring a curse upon the land? Or does the cursed land have a way of preserving that evil? A team of first-rate warriors and third-rate investigators called Four Winds-One Storm intend to find out.

    This second volume in the series follows Will Foundling as he matches wits with the ghost of a bank-robbing dragon, Sir Roger Yamus as he hunts a fat-sucking fiend plaguing a town run by sacred harlots, Hindin Revetz as he battles an army of dead atop the Tombstone Dam, and Polly Gone as she delves into a labyrinth haunted by vengeful spirits. Together they must discover what these hauntings have in common.

    Standing in their way is a drug-running death cult biker gang, spiteful spastic spirits, and a power mad wraith. In the Geohex of Wraith County heads will fly, souls will shatter, hearts will break, and blood must flow.

    ©2014 Aaron Hollingsworth (P)2020 Aaron Hollingsworth

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