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Forceful Intent

A Porter Novel (The Porter Series, Book 1)
Autor: R.A. McGee
Serie: A Porter Novel: The Porter, Titel 1
Spieldauer: 8 Std. und 44 Min.
Kategorien: Krimis & Thriller, Krimis

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To find a missing girl, he has no problem adding to his body count....

Porter makes a killing tracking down missing persons. The former federal agent has the bank statements and body count to prove it. But when a good friend asks him to take on a charity case gone cold, he reluctantly agrees. After all, no family should have to bury their little girl's empty coffin....

As he retraces the girl's last known steps, Porter squares off against a disgruntled bus driver, Tampa gang leaders, and human traffickers who peddle their wares on the darkest corners of the web. Through dirty hands and bloody knuckles, Porter learns the girl may still be alive. And he won't stop until he's given her captors exactly what they have coming....

Forceful Intent is the brutal first installment in a series of suspenseful crime thrillers. If you like flawed heroes, pulse-pounding action, and the Jack Reacher series, then you'll love R.A. McGee's gritty tale.

Buy Forceful Intent for a thrill ride that gets its hands dirty today!

©2018 R.A. McGee (P)2020 Darewood Audio

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