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In the third installment of the James Brothers series you finally get to meet the most impulsive James brother of all...Bowie.

One night over a decade ago, Bowie James’ life changed forever. Flashing lights, cops, ambulances, and three body bags left his world turned upside down and the love of his life Hollis Foust on the run.

Throughout the years, Bowie has wondered and even searched for Hollis without any success and just when he’s about to give up hope she walks back into his life. Bowie’s little brother, Ace hired a new tattoo artist for his shop, Inkredible, only to find that Holly Sullivan is actually Hollis Foust all grown up.

Bowie has spent years trying to move past that fateful night and the memories of Hollis that still haunt him, but now that she’s back, does that mean he gets the second chance he’s never allowed himself to even dream of? However, Hollis’ disappearance left Bowie’s heart and trust shattered but could Hollis be the one to repair the damage?

Hollis’ life has been anything but easy and the last 10 years have been no different. The memories of Bowie and his love were the only things that kept her striving to get through it all. All of her daydreams about being reunited with Bowie couldn’t have prepared her for the war of emotions it causes though.

©2018 Stephanie Nichole (P)2019 Kingston Publishing Company

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