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    East Berlin, 1961. Kirstin Beck is determined to escape to the West. She watches from her townhouse window as the border with West Berlin is closed and a barbed wire fence strung through the cemetery behind her house. 

    With a grandmother in West Berlin who needs her, Kirstin knows she has to go. 

    Tony Marino is an American writer living in West Berlin. As he watches the nearby construction progress, he sees a beautiful woman looking from her townhouse window. Kirstin holds up a sign for Tony to see.

    Help me.

    The two hatch a plan for Kirstin to get over the border, but the mission is not easy. With the Stasi closing in on them, Kirstin and Tony enter a kaleidoscope of deceit and danger, determined to attain freedom at any cost. 

    But in a country torn between communism and capitalism, can Kirstin escape the world she can't endure?

    ©2019 John Anthony Miller (P)2020 John Anthony Miller

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