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Following the Path of Jesus

Sprecher: Eknath Easwaran
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 54 Min.

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In this series of informal talks to close students, Eknath Easwaran comments on short extracts from the Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis, a classic fifteenth-century Christian text. Recognizing that these gems of spiritual counselling are expressed in difficult, medieval language, Easwaran takes care to place them in a contemporary context. He shows how this great text contains much sound, sensitive psychology that can guide us in making wise choices today.

Easwaran illustrates his insights with anecdotes, analogies, and gentle humor, so you'll hear the audience laughing with him, particularly in the second half of the talks. But throughout his commentary he addresses profound themes - how to return kindness for unkindness at home and at work, how to live in peace with ourselves and with others, how to overcome our fear of death. Easwaran stresses the importance of spiritual practices, such as meditation and repetition of the mantram (also known as the mantra or prayer word), in turning against selfish desires to find the Lord, the source of all goodness within us.

Easwaran also draws on other saints, sages, and scriptures from the world's great traditions - so whatever your faith, philosophy, or lifestyle, if you are interested in following the spiritual path you can find both practical advice and profound inspiration here.

Eknath Easwaran (1910-1999) is respected around the world as a teacher of meditation and an authentic guide to universal wisdom. More than 1.4 million copies of his books are in print around the world, including Seeing with the Eyes of Love, his commentary on the Imitation of Christ. In 1961 he founded the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation, which continues his work today. Easwaran lived what he taught, giving him enduring appeal as a teacher of deep insight and warmth.

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