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  • Flying Fergus Collection 4

  • The Secret Cycle Scoop & The Photo Finish
  • Geschrieben von: Sir Chris Hoy
  • Gesprochen von: Sir Chris Hoy
  • Serie: Flying Fergus
  • Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 24 Min.
  • Ungekürztes Hörbuch

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    Heartwarming stories about the power of true friendship and sticking together when times are tough - with added magic and mayhem!

    The collection contains two fabulous, fun and fantastical cycle adventures with Fergus and his friends:

    'The Secret Cycle Scoop': Daisy came fifth in the tryouts, so she's the squad's first reserve, and despite training and hanging out as usual, Fergus can sense his best friend isn't herself. There's another mystery, too - a rival newspaper keep getting exclusive cycling scoops, and unless the culprit selling secrets can be unmasked, Jambo's job is under threat, and the wedding to Fergus' mum might have to be postponed. So who is the snitch?

    Out of ideas, Fergus heads to Nevermore to consult his dad - only to find that Princess Lily is also in a spot of bother with some dragons.... 

    'The Photo Finish': It's competition time! The Hercules Hopefuls are at the International Championships at last - but how will Fergus cope with the competition pressures now that his best friend Daisy has moved away? Mum and Jambo are distracted by their upcoming wedding, and Grandpa and Choppy Wallace are having problems with the team's sponsor, who is demanding ludicrous things like banning the team from eating bananas and making them scoff biscuits instead. Manchester is starting to feel a long way from home. But when Fergus escapes to Nevermore to see some friendly faces, it's no better there - Princess Lily is cross with her brother, and there's a bet on which cycling team will win that could see King Woebegot lose his kingdom.... 

    ©2019 Sir Chris Hoy (P)2019 Bonnier Books UK

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