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Flight Before Dawn

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The best-selling debut audiobook from historical fiction author Megan Easley-Walsh: Before there was D-Day.

For over two years, she's watched him.

Now, he's on her doorstep.

This is life in the Resistance.

In Normandy in 1943, Victoire leads a band of the Resistance. When Leal, the man she's had watched for over two years, arrives at her doorstep, she'll have to face new challenges in war and in love.

Robberies, a kidnapping, and clandestine night adventures were not at all what Victoire planned for her life. And she most certainly never planned to be betrayed. But war - and love - are unpredictable. Joined by her friend Rainier who is mistrusted by Leal, the mysterious Voleta, and Father Pierre, Victoire and Leal must struggle for survival, the grounds of France, and the material of their souls.

When Leal unearths a 25-year-old secret, with Victoire at the center, her whole life is shaken. As the Allies approach, the past, present, and future hang in the balance. Can anyone be trusted when the world spins upside down?

©2016 Megan Easley-Walsh (P)2017 Megan Easley-Walsh

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