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    This is the story of a forbidden love between two women at a repressive Catholic school with a lot of secrets to hide. Candace is a young, ditzy new teacher who is struggling to maintain her reputation as a good employee. 

    When she runs into Lesli, an older and established instructor at the school, the two hit it off right away. Fast friendship soon turns into kissing, but Candace is young and confused. 

    Can her relationship with Lesli survive her immaturity? 

    And what will happen when the headmaster, Ken Heart, discovers that the two women are having a same sex love affair at a school where such relationships are strictly forbidden and punishable by termination? It is up to Helen and her dead girlfriend Susan to save the day and make sure the love between Candace and Lesli succeeds, but it won't be easy! 

    ©2019 SB Books (P)2019 SB Books

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