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    Are you tired of having the same arguments and fights with your partner? Do you wonder if your relationship will ever change or if it can be saved? If you are seeking a permanent fix to all of your greatest relationship problems this audiobook is for you. Finding Your Relationship Fix: The Four Reasons Couples Seek Counseling, outlines the most common reasons couples go to therapy and demonstrates how these issues are treated in counseling. Listeners are provided with the tools they need to fix their relationship problems and eliminate the barriers that plague even the greatest of relationships.

    Marriage and family therapist Chris A. Matthews combines his advanced training and his thousands of hours treating couples to present listeners with the solutions they desperately are seeking. From healing after infidelity to fixing broken communication patterns, Chris shares basic therapeutic techniques that couples can apply to find their own relationship fixes and prime them for more in-depth couples therapy. This is an easy-to-listen audiobook that does a great job of breaking down the most common issues that lead couples to seek counseling. This audiobook uses real examples of couples who sought therapy to obtain truth and healing - and a fix to their relationship problems.

    ©2020 Chris A. Matthews (P)2020 Chris A. Matthews

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