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    Are you a Christian who is wandering aimlessly, living a life with no meaning or direction? Do you want to learn what your purpose is and how to align yourself with God's plans for your life? Do you want to learn the keys to finding your purpose in life? Do you want to learn the secrets to living a fulfilled life as you walk out your destiny?

    You might be wondering about:

    • The purpose of your life
    • What concerns God in this world
    • How to align your life with God's will for you
    • What Jesus says about your destiny.

    Let Matthew Robert Payne, a simple and humble servant of God, share with you how he serves God, how he found his purpose in life and how he lives it out each day. Glean from his life experience and wisdom in matters pertaining to life, purpose, career decisions and direction as you take the first step to turning your life around and to fulfilling your God-given destiny.

    ©2017 Matthew Robert Payne (P)2017 Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing

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