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    My Dear Single Friend,

    Are you feeling lonely right now because of your present social condition?Do you think your life is incomplete mainly because you feel so alone?Are you thinking of finding anybody at all to be with you just to make you happy again?Do you despise being alone?

    You will learn that being alone does not necessarily mean being lonely; and that you are feeling lonely not because you are alone, but because you choose to be.

    Being single means you are partner-less. But before we proceed in psychoanalyzing this situation, answer this last set of questions:

    Why do you need a partner in life? Is it because you are naturally weak and helpless? Or are you unable to live with the choice to be single because of the people around you that are questioning your right to be left alone?

    Whether you are alone by chance or by choice, you have the right to be happy!

    Genuinely happy people are the people who are able to find contentment and satisfaction without anyone's help. They do not depend on other people nor live by other people's expectations.

    If you are single, you will have more time for yourself. You will have more time to explore other things with your friends. You'll be able to meet a larger and more diverse group of interesting people. And above all, you will have the chance to prove for yourself that you are capable of being happy and alone.

    Are you still not convinced?

    Don't you worry!

    This audiobook contains all the necessary information that you need to learn in order for you to live life as happily as you can, even if you are currently not in a relationship.

    It has been developed especially for people who think that they do not have the power to feel legitimately happy and content with life.

    ©2014 AudioLearn (P)2014 AudioLearn

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