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    Carina Smith had a rough childhood and had no direction in her life. Her mother was addicted to drugs and she didn't know her father. One day, Carina came across an ad in the classifieds for a companion and her gut told her to answer it, despite her initial instinct to pass it by.

    Little did she know that the mystery man who created the ad wanted more than she had ever anticipated. She moves cross-country and begins to get to know this mystery man, soon realizing that the arrangement she originally agreed to is not what she wants for herself after all. All Carina wants is to be happy, and she will do everything in her power to make him realize how he feels so they can both be happy.

    Will Carina be able to find true love in this unorthodox way? Does a mail order bride truly exist? Find this out and more in the short story, Finding My Love.

    ©2017 Active Passion Publications (P)2017 Active Passion Publications

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