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    Do you feel that no matter how hard you work, you're treading water at best? Directionless, unmotivated, and stuck in a rut? What if you knew exactly how to capitalize on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses? It's time to break out of your rut and discover what it takes to Find What You Were Born For.

    The only route to success is to know yourself, inside and out - work smarter. Everybody was born with a purpose on this Earth, something they are amazing at and can do in their sleep. Through the framework of professor Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence theory, you find your strengths, amazingly unique ways to enhance them, and ultimately use them to catapult yourself to remarkable success and the life that you've always wanted to live.

    All changes in my life started when I understood that I was making a living from rat race jobs I hated and best case I was mediocre in them. By finding my primary intelligence type, I started to do something I love and I'm good at. Today I am an author and interpersonal skills coach and created the life I wanted. I particularly understand what drives success and I also know precisely what's holding you back, and I can help.

    In Find What You Were Born For, you'll learn:

    • The 8+1 types of intelligence and the research proven methods how to improve each of them
    • How to find and bring out the maximum of your innate strengths
    • How to be successful and happy daily
    • How to make your vocation your profession
    • How can you divide lifelong success to small and easy day-to-day tasks

    ©2016 Zoe McKey (P)2016 Zoe McKey

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