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    As a young girl Diana decided she liked fencing more than being a proper lady, but sometimes embracing the rules of society is a necessary evil. Fortuna’s Parlor gives her the opportunity to utilize her love of fencing, and town balls are the perfect place to hold the clandestine matches.

    Roguish behavior, gambling, and expensive brandy are Luther Wright, Earl of Northesk’s favorite vices. They each play a part in burying the demons that haunt him. One night everything changes and he is forced to question every decision he’s made. 

    After a chance encounter at one of Diana’s fencing matches Luther decides to court her. Her strong will and his need to protect her clash, and only time will tell if they are able to find a way past their differences, and in turn, an enduring love.

    ©2018 Dawn Brower (P)2018 Dawn Brower

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