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Fifty Famous Stories Retold

Autor: James Baldwin
Sprecher: Bobbie Frohman
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 25 Min.

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Here are 50 famous stories of long-ago times, retold in a short form for all young people. These are tales of valor, bravery, and kindness, as well as high adventure. Included:

"King Alfred and the Cakes", "King Alfred and the Beggar", "King Canute of the Seashore", "The Sons of William the Conqueror", "The White Ship", "King John and the Abbott", "The Story of Robin Hood", "Bruce and the Spider", "The Black Douglas", "The Three Men of Gotham", "Other Wise Men of Gotham", "The Miller of the Dee", "Sir Philip Sidney", "Ungrateful Soldier", "Sir Humphrey Gilbert", "Sir Walter Raleigh", "Pocahontas", "George Washington and His Hatchet", "Grace Darling", "The Story of William Tell", "Arnold Winkelreid", "The Bell of Atri", "How Napoleon Crossed the Alps", "The Story of Cincinnatus", "The Story of Regulus", "Cornelia's Jewels", "Androclus and the Lion", "Horatius at the Bridge", "Julius Caesar", "The Sword of Damocles", "Damon and Pythias", "A Laconic Answer", "The Ungrateful Guest", "Alexander and Bucephalus", "Diogenes the Wise Man", "The Brave Three Hundred", "Socrates and His House", "The King and His Hawk", "Doctor Goldsmith", "The Kingdoms", "The Barmecide Feast", "The Endless Tale", "The Blind Men and the Elephant", "Maximilian and the Goose Boy", "The Inchcape Rock", "Whittington and His Cat", "Casabianca", "Antonio Canova", "Picciola", and "Mignon".

Public Domain (P)2006 Alcazar Audioworks

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