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    Whether boasting about his influence in town, his prowess in the kitchen, his grace on the ice, or his savvy with a rod and reel, no man was ever more determined to stick to his guns - and his story - than Fibber McGee! He tells some real whoppers in this batch of blustery broadcasts! Head on over to Wistful Vista for a visit with the Old Timer, Wallace Wimple, Doc Gamble, and Mayor LaTrivia - and of course Jim and Marian Jordan as your old friends Fibber McGee and Molly! Includes twenty digitally restored and remastered episodes.

    Episodes Include: "Shopping For a Car" 10-09-45; "Fibber's Influence" 10-16-45; "Dinner For Cousin Ernest" 10-23-45; "Fudge" 11-06-45; "The Old Oak Tree" 11-27-45; "Winter Walk to Dugan's Lake" 12-04-45; "Fibber the Governor's Pal" 12-11-45; "Guess the Number of Beans Contest" 01-08-46; "Treasure Map" 01-15-46; "Ice Skating" 02-05-46; "Molly Is Sick" 02-19-46; "Fibber's Pen Is Missing" 02-26-46; "Red Cross Drive" 03-19-46; "Fibber Caught Old Muley" 05-07-46; "Political Campaign" 05-14-46; "The Old Ball Game" 05-21-46; "Wedding Anniversary" 05-28-46; "Air Show Flying Fool McGee" 06-04-46; "Camping Equipment For Boat Trip" 06-11-46; "Fibber Is Sick" 10-01-46.

    ©2014 RSPT LLC (P)2014 RSPT LLC

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