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    The war's over, and Wistful Vista's back to normal - or as normal as it can get with Fibber McGee around! "Himself" is waging campaigns against his finance company, a millionaire, and the United States Postal Service. Plus Doctor Gamble and Mayor LaTrivia are battling over Fifi Tremayne - who has troubles with prowlers...and a pair of suitors. Jim and Marian Jordan lead the fantastically quirky cast - featuring Arthur Q. Bryan, Bill Thompson, and Harlow Wilcox - in 20 digitally restored and remastered episodes.

    Episodes include: "Dinner Party - Doc and LaTrivia", 10-29-46; "Prowler at Fifi's", 11-26-46; "Fibber Needles Doc and LaTrivia About Fifi", 12-10-46; "Sunlamp", 12-17-46; "Escaped Convicts - Fibber Joins a Posse", 01-07-47; "House Alterations - Looking for an Architect", 01-21-47; "Waiting for the Bus", 01-28-47; "Babysitting for Teeny", 02-04-47; "Bad Mail Service", 03-04-47; "Molly's Twisted Ankle", 04-08-47; "1880 Quarter", 04-15-47; "Molly's Old Friend Thelma Visits", 04-29-47; "Good Grammar", 05-06-47; "Smuggled Irish Tweed", 05-13-47; "Fibber Is Interviewed - Assessor", 05-20-47; "Old Friend Homer Pays a Debt", 06-17-47; "Anniversary of Their First Football Game", 10-07-47; "Catching Teeny's Cat", 10-14-47; "Late Car Payment - Karl Snarl Finance Company", 10-21-47; "Big Deal at the Farm", 10-28-47.

    ©2015 RSPT LLC. All rights reserved. (P)2015 RSPT LLC. All rights reserved.

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